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    运达清洗机械厂力量雄厚、设备齐全、工艺先进,并严格按照国家 GB13960.12-2001 GB13960-92 IEC1029-1-1990 JB/T6284.2-92 JB/T6284.1-92的标准生产,使质量逐步达到安全、稳定,并不断地开发新产品服务于社会。


    Yunda Washing Machine Factory is located in a prosperous economy, beautiful scenery, land, sea, empty traffic is convenient to the East China Sea, Zhejiang Province, Taizhou City, Jiaojiang Economic Development Zone stone park.

    The factory is a major production of washing machine manufacturers, the main research and development and production of sales : washing machine, washing pump, piston pump, motor sprayer series products. And is widely used in automobile, train, tanks, ships and other motor vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery cleaning and maintenance, and can be used for livestock, poultry farm, zoo, business center, market, swimming pool, gymnasium and other aspects of the work environment and health, as well as the garden watering, health and epidemic prevention etc.

    The factory is strong, well-equipped, advanced technology, and in strict accordance with the national GB13960.12-2001 GB13960-92 IEC1029-1-1990 JB / T6284.2-92 JB / T6284.1-92 production standards, quality gradually reach safety, stability, and constantly develop new products and services to the society.

    The factory will be first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class management, first-class services to meet customer requirements, is willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad counterparts to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.